The Fox Hound by an unknown artist (1860), an anxious dog baring teeth.

Reasons that Agitates Your Dog and Makes Aggressive

Have you recently noticed the rising aggression of your dog? Do you feel that your dog is growling most of the time and even trying to bite? Well, if yes, then your dog might be dealing with behavioral problems.

Dealing with the dog’s aggressive behavior is quite a daunting task, and you must deal with the problem accordingly. The most alarming thing is worrying that the dog will attach someone to a stranger or another pet. It is something nerve-racking.

But not to worry, as you can deal with the aggression in dogs and make life easier as well as stress-free.


If a dog is afraid of something, it is quite natural to develop aggressive behavior. In most of the cases, dogs tend to show aggressive behavior when they sense any danger and cannot escape from it. They do everything in their power to defend themselves, and this makes them extremely difficult.

In order to deal with this problem, it is important to approach the dog very carefully. Experts suggest that they should approach you. You need to devote time to training your dog and teaching socializing skills to lower the fear when in any new circumstances.


At times, the dog tends to behave very aggressively and is considered a display of dominance. This is mainly intended for other dogs, but it can also occur with people also. One must understand the fact that dominance is behavior and not a personality trait. It is also seen in most of the cases that dogs are either submissive or dominant by nature.

Veterinarians have suggested on several occasions that dogs that display aggressive or dominant behavior feel that they must prove that they are in charge of the situation. They do this by snapping, growling or biting every time they feel that their position is challenged.


Possession aggression mainly happens every time your dog is possessive of something and can be anything related to him/her. It can be toys, food as well as other objects of value. A dog will start growling when someone approaches towards them, and it is considered one of the primary ways of showing possession aggression. At times, it is also seen that dogs may bite a stranger every time someone enters the home. After all, dogs don’t want any stranger to enter their territory.

The extent of aggression varies from dog to dog and for different sets of objects. For instance, the dog will do nothing when you pet him while he chews the rubber toy. But he will turn out and snap at you while doing the same if you pet him when he is busy chewing the pig’s ear.

Stopping Them from Doing their Heart

It is quite common for us humans to feel agitated or frustrated when we are stopped from doing what we want to do in life. The same goes for the dogs as well. If you stop or restrict your dog from doing anything you don’t want him to do, the dog gets aggressive and behaves strangely.

For example, if you use an electric dog collar for the protection of the dog, they might not feel like wearing it. They will try to remove it from the neck. But if you forcibly use the collar, it will result in fierce behavior from the dog. Here comes the importance of training your dog properly. Train your dog to make him understand the importance of the fence collar.

You can, of course, deal with the aggression of your dog, and there are several ways you can do so. Please share your own experiences when you have faced any aggressive behavior from your dog and how you control it.