Are you insured & bonded?

Yes – We take great pride in providing the utmost professional and quality services possible. Happy Heart Pets LLC is covered under comprehensive pet sitter and dog trainer’s insurance policies. We are also covered under a bonding policy. HHP can provide you with copies of our certificates of insurance or identification cards, at your request. We want you to feel comfortable when you are leaving your loved ones our care. 

Are you licensed?

HHP has a business license and is incorporated in Arizona. Currently in the US, there isn’t a license issued for pet sitters from a government agency.  If a pet sitter says they are “licensed”,  ask them what that means. Typically, you’ll find that means they have a business license issued by a local or state agency. 

Will you care for my outdoor pets?

The safety and wellness of your pets is a priority with HHP, and with this in mind we developed our “outdoor pet” policy. While your pets are in our care, they must be in a controlled setting/environment (i.e. Indoors or fenced in yard/pen/kennel). This includes outdoor cats, they will need to stay indoors while in our care. 

Am I required to provide health/immunization records?

The nature of our business requires us to be around a lot pets throughout the day and while we take measures to help ensure we don’t transfer health issues from one home to another. In order for HHP to provide services for your pet, we’ll need confirmation of all current immunization records from your veterinarian. 

What are your Business Hours?

Our normal Business Hours are 8:30am to 5:30pm; however, we can be out on visits at 7am. It is the nature of our business to have our team out caring for pets throughout the day, so we are typically not in the office. If we are out on a visit when you call, please leave a voicemail message.  We check voice messages at least every two hours and we will return your call as soon as possible, or you can email us for a prompt text response.

Do you walk dogs in the summer?

Yes – although we have put in place several conditions to help ensure the safety of your dog(s). Due to excessive heat, early morning and late evening appointments are the only time slots available. Sometimes, it may be necessary for your dogs to wear booties to protect their feet. We can help get your dog acclimated to wearing them. In addition, we carry extra water and we limit the dog walking visits to 20 or 30 minutes.

My dog can be aggressive towards other dogs. Can he participate in a neighborhood semi-private walk?

Dogs can show signs of aggression out of fear or others may be showing territorial aggression. Signs of aggression include – growling, lunging, snapping, assuming an upright posture, and/or showing their teeth. To help ensure the safety and well being of everyone (dog walker and canines), we take into consideration each dog’s personality. If your dog is not well socialized with other dogs or  people, we would not be able to include him in a semi-private walk.